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Sunday, May 17, 2009

May RAK and a public health message.

I joined Jen Young's May RAK this month and I wanted to show you what I made my partner. She lives in the mainland so this post will go up before she gets it, so if she sees my blog- SURPRISE!

I made a card folder and then used (surprise, surprise) a Penny Black stamp (but hey, at least it wasn't a hedgehog ;P. In any case, I filled it with stamped images and a rubber stamp.

As an FYI to my fellow bloggers and new found friends- please take care of yourselves, H1N1 (swine flu) cases are on the rise and everyone needs to be extra vigilant. The main thing is, if you have a fever, coughing, sore throat, runny nose, body aches, etc please 1) go to the doctor 2) STAY HOME and KEEP YOUR CHILDREN HOME. As a public health nurse I would like all of you to stay safe and also prevent the spread of the flu.

I know as diligent workers we go to work or send kids to school even if we're "coughing up lungs", but this isn't safe for you or for anyone you come in contact with. Remember that HAND WASHING is still the most effective prevention for spread of disease (and also coughing/sneezing into your shirt sleeve- so your hands don't get contaminated). I know that everyone is heeding the hygiene practices as evidenced by not being able to find purell/germ-x anywhere in the stores ;P


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  1. Kelli, thank you for providing all the helpful information on the swine flu and guidelines if taking care of someone who may have it. This is valuable information and I've printed out the document you provided. Bless your heart for sharing this info, and thank goodness I have a "nurse in the house" meaning YOU! Hugs, Cami


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