Stampin Up Projects

Friday, September 25, 2009

Handmade paper and 2nd post for today!


I was experimenting w/ Tim Holtz's distress ink pads, alcohol blender and perfect pearls and I made this background paper. Then I stamped some flourishes on it. It didn't turn out too bad. I think I need to use glossy paper next time b/c the cardstock kind of warped. Anyway, used the paper to make a card. TFL and have a great weekend!

I finally finished it

I'm done w/ my cousin's guest book and album, I ended up make 2 albums because there were a lot of pictures. The wedding was beautiful and Gray Gables Estate where they got married was amazing. I'm so happy that I'm done because I can work on new stuff :) I hope they like it!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Gifts I made for my cousins

Hello everyone-
I went to my 2nd cousins' birthday party last night. Ally is 8 and Maya is 6, they are the cutest kids and I am so blessed to have been invited to their home.

Maya loves pink, Tinkerbell and hello kitty- I made her a composition book, box filled w/ Tinkerbell stickers and a card. I didn't have time to glitter up the fairy card but I think it was still nice (IMO lol)

Ally loves the color blue and she likes to draw. I also made her a composition book, and a box that I filled w/ watercolor pencils and paintbrushes. I also bought her a watercolor sketch pad and decorated it.

I also gave the both of them an easy bake oven decorating pen (so they can decorate cookies, cupcakes, etc).

I wasn't sure if they'd like the gifts (they got a lot of clothes), but I was so excited and happy when Ally opened her gift and said "Yeah, something other than clothes!" and then when she opened the box she said "look mommy, Aunty gave me drawing stuff". She was very impressed that I made the card too.

Maya, wasn't that impressed, but that's okay. I'm sure she'll use her stuff.

Thanks for looking and I hope you are all doing well. I'm down w/ another cold- it's par for the course, every child I saw this week was sick and no matter how much I hand sanitize, the little germys got to! Anyway, take care of yourselves and get your flu shots!

God Bless and hopefully I'll be able to post again soon. I'm STILL in the process of cleaning up and organizing- I have way too much stuff (what crafter doesn't? lol)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

All things I love blog candy

Hi everyone-
Bev from Newcastle, UK is having a blog candy giveaway. She is so creative, go check out her blog here.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

my Aloha RAK to Joni and request for HELP!

Hey everyone- sorry I've been AWOL. Things have been crazy!

Anyway, I came back from my trip and had to make my August Aloha RAK and August OCS. I apologize to my partners that my projects were late.

In any case, I made this note card drawer for Joni and I included some cards I made when I first started card-making and some stamps. When I was in Oregon I got a lot of the new clear stamps and I bought some to share w/ my RAK partners- so look out partners :)

Go to Joni's site because she took way better pictures than mine, I was rushing to get it out to her. LOL :P

I also made my OCS card for Joy in Seoul Korea, I used Popcorn the bear- I unfortunately didn't take a picture of it, so I'm going to email her and see if I can get a copy ;) I may post that later.

In any case, I am still in the process of finishing up my cousin's guest book/photo album. I had every intention of giving it to them in Oregon, but then I had a brilliant idea to make it into a photo album. (good and bad idea). I'll make a slide show of the album once I'm done w/ it.

I'm also in the process of trying to organize my stamping stuff. Although i just started seriously stamping at the beginning of 2009, I have a load of stuff- YIKES. My craft room is filled w/ tole painting supplies, so my living room/dining room has become my card making area. It's terrible to say the least, I have stuff ALL over the place. So I've been trying to organize things into rollable towers. How do you guys store your stuff? I'm curious/desperate to know, especially how do you store your rubber stamps?

Anyway, I'll take any advice that I can.

Take care~