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Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Sad card

My cousin and his wife had a memorial for their daughter who passed away in-utero. Zoe was gestationally 6 months old but unfortunately she didn't survive. I made this card for her family. I used the SU pinking heart border punch (118072)to accent the DSP, the rest of the materials were non-SU items. The Himawari angel baby was a fitting image though.

It was a touching ceremony and the most touching thing was a letter that Zoe's older sister Caitlin wrote to her telling her of all of the things they would have done and what she would have taught and shown her.

It is never easy to lose anyone that you love but this is especially heartbreaking.

I hope my card brought them a little comfort, but I know that nothing can replace the loss that they've suffered, but hopefully time will heal their pain and that they will be able to have another baby soon.

As a passing thought, we all know that life is so unpredictable so while we're here, let's enjoy every moment that we have with each other.

God Bless you All and thanks for coming to visit my little blog when you can!


  1. beautiful card. your friends will love it. so sorry for their loss. never easy losing anyone at any age. take care.

  2. Kelli

    Gorgeous card! I was so sorry to hear about their loss but I know that this card will bring them some comfort.


  3. Sorry about the loss in the famiy Kelli. This card will bring them comfort & know that they have support in a time as sad as this.....a loss of a child is never easy.


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