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Friday, June 5, 2009


I'd like your advice- I've been usually coloring my images w/ stampin up markers, but I keep running low on the blush blossom pen so I decided to use copics. I followed someone's blog- sorry can't remember who and bought cherry white, tea rose, fleshy beige (I think), and I'm trying to use them, but I'm not too happy w/ the results. I tried to follow Jen Young's blending tutorial, but that didn't come out either. What type of cardstock do you use, I've been using the white cardstock that comes from Walmart (1 big ream for 7.00+). Does the cardstock make a difference as to the blending? I also use the stampin up watercolor pencils and the blender pen to color, but there isn't a flesh colored pencil in that set. I'm planning on getting the blush blossom stamp pad so I can use that w/ the blender pen to color flesh...

HELP! any advice you guys can give me is much appreciated.Thanks! Sorry I haven't posted anything lately, I've been creating. I should post some stuff this weekend.

Take care and thanks for your help


  1. i use E000 color whole face,E00 color for a darker flesh,and E11 for highlights and if i want a little darker to go E00 again. i also use GP paper the one from walmart...i just practice,practice,practice...hope that helps

  2. I agree with Liann, those colors should work and definitely practice, practice, practice. Also you make want to use Mementos Ink, they don't bleed like the other ink pads. I too use the CS from Walmart, also use PTI paper, however it soaks in a lot of the ink causing you to use more and running out of the ink from your Copics.


  3. thanks guys- Hawaiian graphics was out of the E000 colors so I need to maybe check on line. thanks for the tips. I'll keep trying!

  4. It takes practice with the Copics, but I love E50-eggshell


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