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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Furlough Friday fun

I had some friends (co-workers) come over on Friday to learn how to make cards. I've been so busy w/ work that I actually had to postpone the gathering by a week so I could finish cleaning my house. :P I didn't finish making the 4 A2 cards until Thursday night (I went to sleep at 230am); then I got up at 500am to finish making 3x3 cards that I was going to include in their 3D project.

The first card is using a SU set and I really like how it turned out. The girls actually enhanced the pomegranate "friend" image by coloring the flowers and that made it POP!

The 2nd card is also a SU set and I had them practice coloring the stamp w/ SU markers. They used these cards for their mother's day cards.

The 3rd card used the 5th Avenue floral rose and I emboss resisted the image

My friends Melissa, Yumi and Kelly came over to craft and they were able to finish 2 sets of cards, they need to come back in June so they can finish their projects.

Melissa finished the first 2 cards and I like how each person really adapted the design as their own.

Yumi also finished the first 2 cards and she was the one who colored the flowers in the pomegranate colored "friend" stamp and she added a 3rd butterfly to her card so everyone else copied her,

Kelly was able to stay and make 1 card out of the 3rd set. I taught her how to emboss resist the 5th Avenue floral rose and she really liked that technique.

I will post the pics of the 3x3 cards I designed later.

It was a nice morning; I had initially planned to have them finish 10 cards and 1 3D project, but they all had other things to do. So I'm glad that they finished 4-5 cards and made cards for Mother's Day!

I was more importantly able to share a "stress release craft" w/ them and use up some of my stash. As you can see in some photos I have a LOT of stuff.

Take care of yourselves and I'll see you soon in blogland!

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  1. Fun, Fun, Fun!! It's always better to craft with friends. :) Like all the pretty cards.


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