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Monday, April 12, 2010

Administrative Professional's Day cards

Hello everyone!

I hope you had a nice weekend! It was a crazy week last week and this week will be a doozy too. Anyway, I spent Sunday making cards for our 4 clerks.

the 1st card is for our AWESOME senior clerk Janice- I've mentioned before how she is so hardworking and dedicated to our office. Well, there are really no words to describe how hard she works for us-she comes to work at 530am daily and even on
Saturdays and she's so EFFICIENT. It seems like we just think of something and next thing you know she's done it already. I really wanted to make a nice card for her so I used another huggabugg image, but then I add tons of flowers to this card. I got the paper roses from papercraft on Saturday. But CRAP! I just noticed that one of the roses came off when I took the picture- but there is a rose in that spot on the finished card. I adapted the paper craft planet sketch again for this card.

The 2nd card is for Dayle- she is another clerk and she is so much fun to work with and she's our 2nd go-to clerk. She is unfortunately going to lose her position at then end of June so we will REALLY miss her. I used a huggabugg image and then also used a simple layout again. I tried to follow a sketch (can't remember which one), but this is what I developed. I finally got the MS floral vine punch that I've been searching for, so I used it for this card. I hope that she likes it.

The 3rd card is for our clerk Melanie- she is a fun loving person but she also works hard. I used this pure innocence image for her and then used a simple layout, I attempted to follow the Paper craft planet sketch but I didn't think that the skewed image would've worked, so I just laid the image in the center. Oh well. Then I applied dewdrops and a flower to balance off the card. I was pretty happy w/ the way the bow turned out though.

The last card is for our data clerk. I used the PTI dot spot stamp set and went a little crazy, my initial idea was to make a background paper but I ended up with this. I bought a lot of flowers over the past 2 weeks so I decided to use them along w/ the buttons that I bought too.

We are ordering food in for the office on Thursday to celebrate their special day, we know it's next week Wednesday, but we have TB clinic that day and it would've been too crazy. I hope that they all like their cards and gifts.

Have a great week and I'll try to make more stuff this week but I have to work about 14 hours tomorrow so I might be recuperating for the rest of the week. I'm also running a H1N1 flu clinic on Saturday so we'll see.

I still need to make my April OCS and Aloha RAK and need to make 6 birthday cards for May. I also am trying to have a little get together on 4/30/10 with my friends to make cards so we'll see if I get my act together by then, I have a feeling that we won't be crafting in my living room (since all of my supplies are there) but outside in the garage! I still also have to finish up some goodies for some blogging friends- It's coming...I promise :P

Take care of yourselves and have a nice week


  1. WOW, here I am sitting watching K-dramas for hours and you're working looong hours and still making cards for everyone. You have such a big heart Kelli! Your images are adorable--everyone will love their cards!

  2. So sweet of you to make all these cards. They are all pretty & cheerful.


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