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Friday, April 2, 2010

My OCS card from Evie

Hello everyone-
I hope that you are having a relaxing Good Friday for those of you who are off. I got up early (445am)and exercised, cleaned out my bedroom closet, went back to sleep for about 1 hour and then paid bills.

I will be going to church tonight again, but I wanted to share with you the BEAUTIFUL card that I got from Evie.

She used the one of the new cheeky stamps from TGF and colored it amazingly! I really love her little flower embellishments and need to find out where she got it from :)

The card is so beautiful and definitely "girly" :)

Thanks Evie! I love the card~

I will be posting some more pics of the Easter goodies that I made for my friends- alas, I didn't complete all of them on time, so they will be getting it late- SORRY!

for those of you who are off today- have a great Good Friday and for those of you who are Christian- let us remember how Christ died for our sins and saved us.

Take care and come back tomorrow, I'll have my Easter goodies part 2 to show you.

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