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Thursday, July 16, 2009

doggy troubles and a post-it note holder

Hello everyone-
Sorry I haven't been blogging much- been busy creating things slowly (I lost my mojo I guess), but also I've been dealing w/ doggy stuff. Toby ate my blue tooth on 7/2/09 and all last week until today he's been in the hospital suffering w/ stomach problems. I'm very scared about my bill, but the most important thing is that he's okay. I'm now forced to clean up more since he gets into everything. This is not the 1st bluetooth he demolished (it's his 3rd), he's also destroyed 2 cellphones, a pair of IPOD earbuds and countless other things in his short life (he'll be 3 in September), but this is the first time that his gut became really irritated. The last pic is my craft room now cleaned up (the table is to put completed projects on. I am NOT going to take a picture of my living room which is where I actually craft- it's a wreck (but everything is out of reach so Mr. Nosy-Nose can't get to it- of course he's an amazing dog so I wouldn't put it past him at some point to figure out how to get to things. He gets onto my craft table by running and getting enough momentum to jump onto the swivel chair and pivot it around until he can jump on the table (seriously!)}. He's currently sleeping in his bed and snoring away (I guess dog hospitals are the same as regular hospitals- you never get any rest). Anyway, wish me luck that he doesn't eat anything else inedible and end up back in the hospital.

On to my project...I went to cute stuff last Saturday and I learned how to make a stickles container, but also on the same instruction sheet was how to make a post-it note holder. I decided to make 2 for my new friends that I went to the conference with in Atlanta in June. We're meeting for brunch at Longhi's on Sunday to catch up. Luckily I remembered how to do the instructions. Thanks Liann for creating the template! I hope my friends like them. I'll be filling it w/ a clip and a book mark that I learned how to make on Teri's blog. Thanks Teri for sharing the bookmark tutorial! Thanks for looking and take care! Have a nice weekend!


  1. Hope that Toby (and you) are feeling better soon. I know *exactly* what it freels like to have your pup get into your stuff, chewed up and you are left wondering what happened. Your Post-It holder and bookmark are so sweet. Aren't people like Lianne and Teri the greatest? They are truly inspiring. Glad to see you got your mojo back! Have a nice weekend.

  2. Hope Toby is feeling better. Good thing Mochiko doesn't eat my stuff! Your holders turned out really cute as well as your bookmarks, easy and fun yeah? Have a good weekend!

  3. aww so cute the puppy in there!! sorry to hear about your puppy! hope everything is well. I really like your post-it note holder. love the design!

  4. Sorry to hear about Toby...just like a child yeah? But they are so precious and we worry about them. Your post-it note holder and corner bookmarks are beautiful, Kelli! Your friend will truly enjoy these. You did a great job and yep, Lianne and Teri are both so inspiring! Hugs, Cami


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