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Monday, July 27, 2009

get well wishes

My aunty fell down last week and fractured her left knee. I decided to make her a get well card and also a note card set. She had surgery on Saturday and hopefully she's on the mend. We all have to travel to Oregon for her son's wedding in August so we're hoping and praying that she will heal well and also not develop any DVT's :(

We're very similar in that whenever we fall down or injure ourselves, after feeling the pain of course, we end up cracking up hysterically (better than crying I guess) when I called to see how she was, I asked her "How you doing Humpty Dumpty?" and of course she started laughing :)

I used a Dustin Pike design and then added glossy accents to the horns/thingy's on his spine. I colored w/copics- getting better at blending (IMO). I usually don't decorate the inside of my cards, but I did this time- I used cut out flowers that I made using my cricut and then layered it onto the flower on the DP. The note card box is one I made when I was practicing making my Aloha RAK; I still have to tweak the box. But at least this one is bigger and doesn't smoosh the envelopes. LOL! I hope she likes the card and notecard set. TFL.


  1. Cute card! Hope your aunt gets well very soon :)

  2. Love those Dustin Pike images! Cute card! Love the notecard holder. I have to make me some of those. They make good gifts! TFS!

  3. Cute card Kelli. I love the way you also decorated the inside. Hope your aunt feels better soon.

  4. Awww....sorry to hear about your poor aunty....but this Dustin Pike dragon is so cute I'm sure it made her feel much better just to get your card! Great job coloring him in...he turned out darling!

  5. OMG, your card & set are fantastic and I'm sure will bring a smile to your aunty's face and make her feel better real soon.


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