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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My 1st attempt at a double shaker card- HELP!

Hope you are having a nice Tuesday! I attempted to make a double shaker card this weekend for my friend Gloria. Making the shaker wasn't a problem, but covering it was a doozy. I totally suck at it and as I've said in the past I really SUCK at measuring so it took me 3 tries to cover it and it still didn't come out great. I e-mailed Teri for help. I'm determined to figure this out so I will be attempting to make another one soon. The funny part is that my friend is really OCD so the fact that the framing came out off centered is just too ironic (my friend Michelle said that it may drive her nuts, but I don't think she noticed- it'll just drive me nuts).

Anyway, I used another new Penny Black image and I colored it w/ my copics. I then used purple microbeads that I got from cute stuff and purple and pink dew drops for the inside. The sentiment is from a SU set.

I was also left with one extra piece of acetate, I re-read the tutorial several times, but couldn't figure out where it belonged. I used one to make the initial window to put the microbeads, then I used the second one to put the stamped image on and then I used the 3rd one to cover it all up.

I think I was supposed to use the 4th one to seal up the image and then put the dew drops on that acetate and then seal it up? If anyone can help me I'd appreciate it.

I then attached the shaker to an easel card. I used the 2 new MS punches I picked up, I got both of them w/ the Ben Franklin 40% off coupon. I really like the "big shell design" and how you can add dew drops or embellishments to it :)

In any case, Gloria liked her card and she displayed it on her desk at work.

Take care and if anyone can help me with more tips on how to do this shaker-I'd appreciate it.

I still have to make my OCS card and Easter presents so I'll be busy this week. Hopefully I can post some stuff soon!


  1. I've never made one myself but I think you did great from what I can see. Gorgeous card Kelli!

  2. LOL, you did a great job, but I am the last person to help anyone with a shaker card!! Just ask Linda, Teri or Jamee.....hahahahaha


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